Central Welfare Officer (CWO)

  Central welfare and rehabilitation Board Office

                  The IsG (HQr or Administration) of the CPFs are designated as Central Welfare Officers for a particular Force. They shall, in their capacity as the Nodal Officer for the CPF, coordinate with the State Welfare Officers (SWOs) and District Welfare Officers (DWOs) for force specific inputs and also provide information on welfare related programmes, implementation progress etc. to the Apex Board i.e. CENWARB. 

Responsibilities of Central Welfare Officer(CWO) of WARB CPF's

      i)                    CWO shall be bridge between the WARB CPFs and SWO/DWO.

ii)                  Maintain upto date district wise status of killed/disabled personnel and widows/dependents of CPFs in the states and this data will also be provided to SWOs/DWOs.

iii)                Monitoring and forwarding of Prime Minister Scholarship cases of wards of ex-CPF personnel.

iv)                CWO may keep up-to-date welfare measures of the force concern and the same will also provide to all SWO/DWO from time to time.

v)                  Ensure timely submission of reports and returns to WARB, if any.

vi)                Create additional welfare measures for widows/disabled and retired personnel of CPFs with the consent of WARB CPFs.