A fully dedicated Board Head Quarter of CPFs will be established at CRPF HQr consisting following staff from the CPFs on attachment basis.

Board Office

Number of post

Designation in Board office

Dy. Commandant Executive/Ministerial


Secretary cum Incharge to the Chairman of Apex Board

Inspector (M)





Form CPFs on rotation basis.



Form CPFs on rotation basis.



Form CPFs on rotation basis.




             Thrust area of Board office:-

      1)                  To formulate policies for re-settlement and rehabilitations of Ex-CPF personnel,                Widow Next of kin to CPF personnel laying down their lives in various operations.

2)                  To formulate policies for rehabilitation training for disabled CPF personnel and widows of deceased CPF personnel.

3)                  To formulate polices on welfare activities.

4)                  Creation of CPOs fund for rehabilitation of CPF personnel.

5)                  To raise resources for augmentation of funds for various re-settlement/welfare Schemes.

6)                  To monitor the welfare of families of serving and Ex-CPF personnel and widows and assisting them in representing their cases with the local administration etc.

7)                  Dissemination of information to the general public regarding CPMF personnel and their condition of service.

8)                  Providing assistance for settlement of land other disputes.

9)                  To obtain grants from Central Govt. for welfare of widows and disabled CPF personnel.

10)              Correspondence related to Ex-CPMF Association and its timely disposals.

11)              To assist ex-CPF personnel in settling of co-operative societies for their self-employment.

12)              Assist families of serving CPF personnel in regard to their welfare during their absence away on duty.

13)              To assist in granting financial relief to ex-CPF personnel and their dependents from various welfare schemes run by CPFs.

14)              To provide assistance to Ex-CPF personnel, their families and their NOK in settlement of financial problems such as pension and other retirement benefits/dues, grants from Central/State Governments.

15)              Subject related to NGOs about welfare of CPF personnel.

16)              To devise a system for medical treatment in CPF/Civil Hospital for ex-CPF personnel for insurance or otherwise.

17)              To maintain liaison with Central/State Government Education Deptt/Tech Education Institutions to provide seats to the wards of serving/Ex-CPF personnel according to the employability within CPF.

18)              To approached Govt./Non-Govt. organizations i.e. Khadi Gram Udyog, National Textiles etc. for imparting self employment training to the widow and disabled CPF personnel.

19)              Reservation of Petroleum Product and Gas agencies of CPF personnel and NOKs of personnel killed in action.

20)              To explore possibility of reservation of seats in various Degree courses.

21)              To coordinate with Director General Employment and Trg. In the Ministry of Labour and Employment for organizing self-employment training programme for widows and CPMF personnel.

22)              To approach State Govts. Technical Education Ministry/Deptt for reservation of seats and imparting technical training to the widows/disabled of CPF personnel.

23)              To approach PSUs/NGOs for providing job opportunities to the disabled CPF personnel and widows of those killed in various operational duties.

24)              To coordinate with State Revenue authorities in connection with scheme

25)              Computerization of personnel data of killed/disabled and retired personnel related to WARB.

26)              Maintaining data of all pending/closed grievances being received in R&W Directorate from PMO, DOP & PW, PG, VIP/VVIP and Ex-CPF personnel.

27)              Timely disposal of representation/legal notices received from Ex-CPMF personnel/NOKs of deceased personnel and pensioners.

28)              Timely submission of month wise details of pending/current statement of pending cases to all CPOs as well as to MHA.