Objectives of WARB, CPF's

     (a)                Development of a system of monitoring of the welfare & resettlement activity, including its grown vis--vis funds provided from all sources and budgeting for such requirements.

(b)               Devising formal guidelines for error free compilation and concurrent updation of data-base of beneficiaries and making implementation feasible through appropriate support in office automation.

(c)                Development of specific beneficiary oriented strategies in areas like

i)                    Funds negotiation on behalf of NOKs/retired CPFs at most convenient and financially prudent terms with banks and financial institutions for specified needs of beneficiaries (grounds on which WARB shall act as a mediator to be defined).

ii)                  Arranging counseling (in house/professional) in self-employment and alternative employment to retirees as also to the NOKs of deceased Force personnel.

iii)                Formulating specific employment strategies for widows of CPF personnel making the supreme sacrifice of dying in action.

(d)               To work as the principal advisory body to the Ministry in matters of welfare programmes for NOKs/retired soldiers.

(e)                To arrange vocational trainings for empowerment of retired personnel and NOKs of deceased Force personnel.

(f)                Dovetailing the benefits of various welfare bodies through experience sharing as also by sharing of facilities, wherever mutually agreeable.

(g)               Establishment of a net-worked system of quick availability of information to the NOKs or retired CPF personnel regarding the relief applications disposal and for quick exchange of information between the CWOs, SWOs & DWOs.